My work extracts alternative narratives from the raw materials I mine.  

Frank Wilczek’s book “A Beautiful Question” reveals that symmetry and economy are the distinctive features of beauty in nature.  My forms mimic nature in that they use an economy of means to produce complex and mostly symmetrical results.

My medium is the proliferation of promotional mailings from government representatives, non-profit and political organizations and consumerist advertising.  I shred these mailings to generate elements that are uniform in size, assigning equal importance to all the shreds. I then subject them to a rigorous practice of separating colors, rolling or sewing the shreds and commingling specific mailings. 

The fragments, past the point of re-assemblage, still reveal bits of text, imagery, envelopes, and colors; traces of their cultural origins.  Once a means of direct communication, my manipulation of these materials highlights or obscures their messages to promote my own.