Textile Artist:

Ante Review:

ArtFuse Review:

Studio Visit, 

Cheat Sheet, BOS 2018,

The Gathered Gallery, 

Rockland Center for the Arts, Quotidian Metapmorphosis,  

Brownstoner, Bushwick Open Studios 2018,

Reconceived Notions, Stand4 Gallery, 2017,

New Beginnings for Traditional Art Media: The Contemporary State of Textiles and Paper, Nancy Palm, Assistant Professor , University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Bedford and Bowery, Bushwick Open Studios 2017,

Katerina Lanfranco... goes to Bushwick Open Studios 2017. VLOG #7,

Suzanne Volmer, July 2017

Christina Massey, WoArts  March 2017

Vincent Romaniello  October 2016

Haylee Anne and Angela Bortoneb   Burnaway, November 2015

Meg Busacca    Governor’s island Art Fair, [please scroll down], September 2015  Interview in Collectively during Bushwick Open Studios, May 2015

Ona Abelis  Brooklyn Magazine [recognition for Bushwick Open Studios], May 2015

Enrico Gomez  WAGMAG, May 2015  

Romy  May 2015

Willow Goldstein  Paper Constructions, May 2015

Trupti Rami Type Indicators, February 2015  

Olya Turcihin November 2014

Valerie Dibble , Examining the Overlooked,  April 2013



The Seeds of Creation: Interviews with 18 Contemporary Women Artists, Cosmina Ene, Max Laniado Fine Arts, 2019

Making History Bushwick, Arts in Bushwick, Making History, 2016

Victory Hall Yearbook, Drawing Rooms, Victory Hall Press, 2016

The Retrieval of the Beautiful, The Painting Center, 2016

Governor’s Island Art Fair, 4 Heads, 2015

Victory Hall Yearbook, Victory Hall Press, 2015